Coffee beans are the seeds of Coffea arabica and other forms of beans grown primarily in Africa and South America. Coffee is consumed by millions of individuals seeking an energy boost, on a daily basis. The energy boost comes from the alkaloid caffeine, which acts both on the cardiovascular and central nervous system to reduce fatigue, increase alertness and improve endurance.

As many athletes know, moderate doses of caffeine may have a positive effect upon athletic performance. While exercising, your muscles are always using some combination of carbohydrate and fat for fuel. As you increase the intensity of your effort, the tendency would be for your muscles to use a greater proportion of carbohydrate as a fuel. However, after taking caffeine in the form of cola, coffee, sports bars or tablets, fat is mobilized from fat depots, making it available to your muscle cells, and also causing a switch from using stored glycogen in great amounts for the preferred fuel to using more of the free fatty acids caffeine helps provide for the muscles to use for energy. This sparing of glycogen, one of the two major energy sources for muscle cells during exercise, makes it available for the final climb or sprint in the race.

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