Tangle Creations Protein Bulding Set

Developed by Professor Marcel Jaspers, Chair of Organic Chemistry at the University of Aberdeen and Richard X Zawitz, inventor and creator of the Tangle Particle. Our Tangle Protein Building Set is considered one of the most accurate protein building sets for students and bio-chemistry enthusiasts to learn about the world's bio-molecular structure. Our kit is robust and most suitable for training purposes as well as theoretical explorations due to the kinesthetic learning possible when working with a Tangle. Not complicated by excessive amino group functions the Tangle Protein Set is ideal for all ages to learn the basics of protein structures. Tangle Protein Set comes with instructions for making Streptococcal, Ubiquitin, ῳ-Conotoxin and you can always visit the Protein Data Bank for more inspiration http://www.rcsb.org/pdb. Tangle Proteins teach and inspire!


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