Gratitude Run

What's a Gratitude Run? 

It's basically precisely as it sounds. Go out for your typical run. (Best on the off chance that you can run outside, yet you can likewise do this on a treadmill.) Except, leave your earbuds at home. Rather, truly focus on everything around you: the air, the scents, the sights, how each and every piece of your body feels as it moves. 
At that point, with each couple of steps, consider something you're thankful for. They can be huge, vital things or itty bitty things that bring you happiness or solace. 
Here's a couple to kick you off: 
Individuals (and creatures) you cherish: Just think about ALL the general population and pets you adore (and have cherished)! 
Your body: There are such huge numbers of things it does — express gratitude toward it for all of them. 
Your environment: Everything in your home, everything in nature, each trek you've ever taken, all that you see or have seen! 
Sustenance and drink: Lots of tasty alternatives here. We're taking a gander at you, dim dish espresso (and even light meal espresso). 
Your spirit: What parts of yourself would your friends and family say are your best? Express gratitude toward yourself for those. 
That is it! Perceive to what extent you can keep running without rehashing one. We wager you can get past your entire run, and tomorrow's pursued and the one that … !

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My fitbit #Fitstats_en_CA for 10/15/2017: 6,424 steps and 4.4 km traveled.

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“We are healthy only to the extent that our ideas are humane.” ― Kurt Vonnegut Jr

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